Talking Oscars on The Lowdown, Jan 15 & 19

You don’t have to love movies to love Oscar season but for those of us who do the drama is delicious. This year the nominees have been anything but safe picks. We’ve got a micro-budget post-Katrina magic realist indie starring the most charismatic unknown 9-year-old on the planet; a violent slave-ploitation spaghetti Western; a 3D computer-animated film about the existence of god; an agonizingly long tear-jerker musical about the French Revolution, and the (not my) favorite, a historical period piece. Even the snubs are interesting. My guest is film critic Lisa Rosman from, the daily news site for the independent film community. Tuesday at 12:30 PM / Saturday at 5:30 AM / Streaming on WOMR.ORG.

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