Rep. Sarah Peake Speaks on Feb 26 and March 2

In one of most candid interviews State Rep. Sarah Peake (5th Barnstable) talks about N-star and their handling of the massive power outages that blacked out 100,000 Cape Codders during blizzard-cane Nemo. Can they be forced into ‘undergrounding’ out power lines so we’re safe from future coastal storms? She talks candidly about fishing quotas that threaten to destroy the lives of small fishermen; and her fight to get the state legislature to approve a rental tax that will close the loophole in which the renters of condos pay the same tax as the those who rent motel rooms.  Is the climate changing about taxes, too? Can we finally begin addressing our infrastructure before it falls completely apart. Here’s a candid conversation with one of our most dedicated public servants. Tuesdays at 12:30 PM / Saturdays at 5:30 AM / Streaming in perpetuity throughout the universe on WOMR.ORG.