Provincetown Taxes the Rich

shutterstock_315607679In a bold political move reported far beyond its borders, the Provincetown Board of Selectmen recently voted to impose higher real estate taxes on homeowners who vacation in town versus citizens who live there year-round. Furious non-taxpayers whose primary residences are out of town have been cried foul, saying it’s unfair, immoral, insensitive and downright foolish to shift the burden of year-round costs to people who not only spend a small fraction of the year in the notorious summer playground but do not even get to vote on its budget. Picking up on the story, the New York Times highlights the cycle of economic and demographic change in Provincetown and resort communities nationwide. Ira’s guests are Selectmen Tom Donegan, Cheryl Andrews, and Town Manager David Panegore, who explain not only why they’re glad to have alienated their wealthiest property owners but why this move is just the first in a wave of many to restore this iconic art colony and infamous fishing village to its former glory.

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