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I like to ask questions. I like to know what people do, how they think, and why. I’m not a journalist but as a writer, a former publisher and elected official, I bring a unique set of skills and a wide-ranging curiosity to the table. Truth is, I’m in a constant search for the lowdown on things. And that’s what I call my show, The Lowdown.


Every Tuesday at 12:30 I interview people who influence our world here on Cape Cod and beyond. We’ve talked about handguns, marijuana, the Plymouth power plant, the Tea Party, and WikiLeaks. We’ve done shows on the world’s biggest study of sex, green burials, and using oysters instead of sewers to clean up our harbors. I’ve interviewed best-selling authors on everyone from Whitey Bulger and Joseph P. Kennedy to Mickey Mantle; hosted NPR’s coordinator of national election coverage, the country’s  funniest bird expert, and a Baroness from the House of Lords. Closer to home we’ve confronted the issues of drug abuse and homelessness on Cape Cod; people living with PTSD and Alzheimers; and domestic abuse in the straight, gay, and senior communities.


So if you’ve got the time, and the curiosity, why don’t you join me?  Tuesdays at 12:30 PM, Saturdays at 5:30 AM, and always streaming worldwide on Catch the most recent shows on the website: Click WOMR SPOKEN WORD PODCASTS on the left hand side of the Homepage and navigate to The Lowdown.
I always learn a lot…and I think you will, too.




The 2012 Presidential Election: An Interview with NPR’s Election Coverage Czar Neil Carruth


Universal Healthcare with David Shactman


How Dangerous is the Pilgrim Nuclear Plant? An Interview with Mary Lampert


The Man who Pursued Whitey Bulger and was Himself Pursued by the FBI


A Billion Wicked Thoughts: The Most Extensive Survey of Our Sexual Habits since the Kinsey Report


Green Burials: How to Go Gently (and Environmentally Safely) into This Good Night


MA Rep. Barbara Gray from Framingham: Legislating Done Right


Homelessness on Cape Cod: What? Here in Summer Paradise, the Homeless? Living in the Woods? You better believe it.


The Secret Life of Birds on Cape Cod: An Interview with Mike O’Connor from the Birdwatcher’s General Store


An Interview with Peter Manso: Was the Murderer of Christa Worthington Framed by a Racist Jury?


Comedian Jimmy Tingle Gets Personal


Gary Rivlen: Author of BROKE, USA: From Pawnshops to Poverty, Inc. talks about How the Poor Stay Poor


Dan Okrent on his besteller: Last Call: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition


An Interview with Jane Leavy, author of The Last Boy, Micky Mantle and the End of America’s Childhood


Coyote Expert Jon Way Talks About Coyotes on Cape Cod (Heads-up: They’re Mostly Wolves)


Nathaniel Philbrick makes his case: Why Read Moby Dick?


Investigative Journalist Chip Berlet Gives us the Lowdown on the Tea Party



An interview show is not the best place for the host to speak his mind. I always figure that when I ask experts into the studio, their opinions are more interesting than mine. So where’s a guy supposed to vent? The WOMR Friday News works for me. At the end of the show I get to exercise my inner curmudgeon, a la Andy Rooney. You can listen to the latest ones on the WOMR website on Spoken Word Broadcasts/Matters of Opinion with Ira Wood.
Here are a few samples:


America Runs on Dunkin…But You Don’t Even Have to Walk!


Goodbye WMVY: The Death of Local Radio in a World of Cyber DJ’s


Catalogs and the Romance of Shopping


If We Already Have Polling, Why Do We Need an Election?


The 2012 Presidential Election: The Dangerous Meaning of Election Signs

The Cape Cod Evacuation Plan


The Sopranos and Bain Capital


Books and the Modern World


Garbage, It’s Personal


The Trouble with Oysters


The Rules of Influence


Me and Weeds


Climate Change and Magical Thinking


Who Doesn’t Love a Summer Party? Only the One Who Gives It.