Going Public

A Novel by Ira Wood


“A wickedly delicious and very modern romance full of wit, common sense, and real love.”
—Alice Hoffman


Corey Richardson lives the American dream of success. The son of a Cape Cod fisherman, he struggles to pull his Cambridge, Massachusetts, computer business out of the red. But when his original software design rockets onto the bestseller charts, the scale of his dreams and his sense of himself alter drastically.

The two women in his life are as different as earth and fire. Angela—with whom he shared early sexual awakening—has sacrificed her ambitions to her family, only to become the past he would rather forget. Marla Whitman, a modern executive woman, never comes between Corey and his work but encourages him to work harder. He knows that she is exactly the kind of lover a man in his position deserves.

Told through the intimate thoughts of Corey, Marla, and Angela, Going Public is a wry and perceptive novel where the price of success and the debt of dreams meet for a glimpse of ourselves and the beat of our lives.


“A sharp novel about the perverse linkage of romance and status…Wood uses sentiment without sentimentality to show the warts-and-all of modern romance.”
Publishers Weekly


“The sensibility behind this comic novel is all It’s a Wonderful Life, but updated to account for today’s divorce rate, sexual liberation, compulsive career grubbing, and good kids who nonetheless pierce each ear five times. The characters are quirky and loveable. A sweet bet of a love story.”
Kirkus Reviews