The Lowdown

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In this extended podcast, journalist Johann Hari tells us everything we know about addiction is wrong: that the war on drugs is actually a war on some of the world’s most vulnerable people and that what they crave is not a fleeting high but a real human connection.
Paleontologist Neil Shubin, who co-discovered Tiktaalik, sometimes known as the Missing Link, explains how we carry the whole history of evolution within our bodies, and how the human genome links us with the rest of life on earth.
Glyphosate, the active ingredient in Roundup, the world's most popular herbicide probably cause cancer...and it's in everything we eat. Here's the story of how Monsanto produced, marketed, and made billions on a product that's sold in every garden store in America.
Shocking upsets of traditional Dems are taking place in primaries across the country. Here on Cape Cod our centrist and conservative Democratic congressman has a challenger from the Bernie camp. His name is Bill Cimbrelo. He has a lot to say and folks are listening.
A Harvard psychologist shares the latest scientific findings on how to work effectively with extremely difficult people. It incorporates the latest findings in brain science and whether you're dealing with problem kids, angry family members, or entitled tourists, or A-holes from the office, it works!
The Pilgrim nuclear plant may or may not be closed. Today we're talking another one that resisted retirement, that was located close to a major city, that the government considered safe, and whose continued operation emphasized economic development over ecological and humanitarian concerns. This one was called Chernobyl.
Many old Cape Cod mariners chose to hide the truth about their connection to the salve trade. Instead they told heroic tales about their adventures on the high seas. These myths became became the white lies that pass for our history.
Why are so many chronic Lyme patients are refused treatment? Why is there is no reliable test for Lyme and no funding for a vaccine? Why are doctors punished for treating chronic Lyme patients; and why is the medical profession is at war over the disease. Today's guest unearths the truths about the Politics of Ticks.

Preventing Lyme

May 21, 2018
Ticks are ruining countless lives. But we don't have to give up the outdoors to avoid them. In Part Two of our series Lyme: The First Epidemic of Climate Change we talk about what to wear, what to spray, and the cutting edge technologies to stay out of harm’s way.