The Lowdown

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Journalist Johann Hari disputes the theory that the sole cause of depression is a chemical imbalance in the brain and instead attributes the roots of many people’s depression to common factors such as loneliness, our displeasure with our jobs, and the loss of community.
Embrace your dawdling! Some of history's greatest geniuses, Darwin, DaVinci, and Frank Lloyd Wright spent a lot of time doing everything but the work they became famous for. So there may be hope for all of us yet!
Written stories and their power to defeat armies, form nations, bring down governments, expand religions, and even elect presidents.
What is that eerie yelping murderous howling that comes from the marshes at night? And what's making it? Wolf? Dog? Mythic demon ritually celebrating the grisly death of an innocent house pet? It's all here: everything you ever wanted to know about coyotes.
There's plenty of tax payer money available for public education and a burgeoning market sector that wants to get its hands on it by turning inner city schools into lucrative business ventures including charter schools, voucher programs, and online virtual schools,
How to take effective action, how to organize people, and how to confront those who wield political power, whether on a local, state, or national level, and in the process transform ourselves from passive observers to compassionate leaders.
In a country in which whiteness is assumed to be the standard for being human, and people of color as an inherent deviation from that norm, a young woman who had a white mother and a black father talks about where she fit in, or felt she did not, in American society.

The Sex Dictionary

Dec 19, 2017
Everything you ever wantedto know about sexual identities, positions, proclivities, and terms, all in one place, all written with humor, and respect, and even alphabetized.
Too much money and too many lives may be lost in the century old practice of suppressing wildfires. A wild fire ecologist tells us why we should allow millions of acres to burn.