The Lowdown

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Life is full of pain but a good joke reminds us that we’re not alone with it. Humor helps us cope, speaks truth to power, deflates arrogance, and exposes the absurdity of our esteemed social customs. And yet a badly told or untimely joke can cause a lot of damage. Today we get into the complexity of humor...and have a lot of fun along the way. And yet humor is a complex subject.
The Chief of hematology and oncology at Massachusetts General Hospital talks about a revolutionary new program that equates the personal and emotional needs of the patient with the fight against the disease.
Government by Goldman? Could Gary Cohen, thought by many to have had a heavy hand in the 2008 Subprime Mortgage meltdown, become the next Chairman of the Federal Reserve? It's possible, according to one of the country's best investigative business reporters.
Science fiction is less than a decade away: technology that can replace doctors and lawyers; robots that care for the elderly; holograms that teach school; and trucks that drive themselves…all at the cost of jobs, community, surveillance, and privacy. Can we handle it?
He was the runt of the Kennedy litter. He loved Joe McCarthy but hated LBJ, Jimmy Hoffa, Roy Cohn, and J. Edgar Hoover. He went along with the Warren Commission but knew it was a whitewash. Loyal to an older brother who began the buildup in Vietnam, he was determined to end it. Love him or hate him, we know very little about him.
On June 1 President Trump announced his intention to withdraw US participation in the Paris Climate Accord. The end of the earth as we know it? Not so fast. Thirteen states (representing 20% of the US population) have created their own agreement...and that's just the beginning.
Nathan Moore lives in Charlottesville, Virginia. He recounts the night when a quiet southern college town became the epicenter of white nationalist rage.
Baroness Helena Kennedy, Labour Member of the House of Lords, takes us through the fine points of BREXIT, including some amazing similarities between the UK and the USA, and tells us where to look for hope in era of BREXIT and Trump.
Are you tired of being dissed for having a varied career? Many jobs, many skills, and a lot of wisdom still doesn't earn you the respect you deserve? Cheer up. You're not a Jack of All Trades, a dilettante, or a generalist. You're a Multipotentialite and you're not alone.