Matters of Opinion

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Zazen Super Bowl

Feb 10, 2018
If you know me you know I’m kind of a rabid Patriots fan, maybe even an obsessive compulsive Patriots fan if you believe that wearing the same shirt for every game or sitting in the exact same seat is compulsive. But this year, I convinced myself that I was ambivalent...I simply could not find a compelling narrative.
Add a little Newspeak to your life. After all, life is tough enough with having to hear the truth.
Everybody has them but they're rarely the same ones. Comfort movies are highly individual choices tied to nostalgia for a simpler time, or a fantasy, but almost always to a deeply personal meaning that you alone take away from the plot.
A listener called me on some sh*t I said...and the listener was right.
Marking the end of a life as it does, the occasion of an obituary is inherently unfortunate. And yet there's a lot to learn from an obit: snippets of forgotten history, facts unbeknownst to us in our youth, not to mention courage gleaned from a well-lived life.
Have a potty mouth? Good for you. Cursing has been scientifically proven to improve strength, endurance, people's trust in us, and our ability to communicate. And that's from the f*cking New York Times!
Old friends coming for a summer visit? Good luck. They materialize at the sound of your voice, they want to chat at breakfast, they remember you as the person you were at seventeen, and worst of all, they expect you to be on vacation, too.
Time is short and so are our attention spans. Since people aren't listening to each other, let's just give them a list when we have something to say: more bullet points, less bull shit.
Be careful out there. The Fourth of July is not for amateurs. Drink plenty of fluids, remember your suntan lotion, wear a hat, and don’t get into political arguments with drunks. Remember, you can love your country without acting like a frat boy.