Matters of Opinion

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Tourists drive you nuts? The major question is this.
Wondering where the worms have gone? Nervous about the temperature? Annoyed at neighbors who make snide comments about the smell? Ordering expensive enzymes on the internet? Give it up. Composting is as easy as...digging a hole and throwing stuff in.
Despite the fact that Great White Sharks can be roving engines of painful death, the Town of Chatham has proudly adopted them as its official mascot. Other towns are jealous and looking for similar blood seeking creatures. Herein I offer a few suggestions.
Lives are full of secret rituals, as embarrassing as they are fulfilling. The Jewish Christmas Tree is one of ours.
It's a scientific fact that you knew all along: messy people are more creative than neat freaks.
The election of Donald Trump? The rise of racism? The 'debate' over climate change? Fundamentalist interpretations of the bible? Our ignorance of history? Think they point to Americans getting stupider? They're nothing at all compared to adult coloring books.
Maybe alphas really aren't the best leaders...maybe they're actually the people who've done their fair share of losing.
Remember the good old days when presidents were simply crooks, lechers, morons, loafers, spoiled rich guys, puppets, and tools of the special interests? Whatever happened to the good times?
Satire makes the powerful angry enough to kill simply because it makes the less powerful angry enough to defend themselves.