Matters of Opinion

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There are few things I hate more than waiting but fewer that I love more than gardening. I’d be much better off with hobby with a speedier resolve, like the luge or sky diving, whose outcome is affected not by the vagaries of the weather but by a fundamental force, like gravity.
Are you a progressive who's supportive of new projects that better your community…as long as they are not in your backyard? Of course...because wherever you site it there’s already somebody there.
There's an uncomfortable inability to connect that has made Memorial Day uneasy for many because beneath all the media buzz a major cultural rift is exposed between those who have served in the military and the vast majority of us who never have. So how to honor those who have served? Maybe shut down our own noise and listen.
Sure I'm angry about my personal data being sold to the Trump presidential campaign. But deleting Facebook? Forget about it. That would be like deleting my life.
And what's the real reason we procrastinate? There are just so many things in life more important than whatever it is we're supposed to do.

On Hat Hair

Mar 25, 2018
While it is not uncommon to grow up disliking parts of your body, my hair actually seemed to dislike me back. Other children had haircuts. On my best days I had something on my head that would cause PETA to stage a demonstration.

Zazen Super Bowl

Feb 10, 2018
If you know me you know I’m kind of a rabid Patriots fan, maybe even an obsessive compulsive Patriots fan if you believe that wearing the same shirt for every game or sitting in the exact same seat is compulsive. But this year, I convinced myself that I was ambivalent...I simply could not find a compelling narrative.
Add a little Newspeak to your life. After all, life is tough enough with having to hear the truth.
Everybody has them but they're rarely the same ones. Comfort movies are highly individual choices tied to nostalgia for a simpler time, or a fantasy, but almost always to a deeply personal meaning that you alone take away from the plot.