People Who Live in Tent Camps in the Woods

Dec 18, 2018

A little over 200,000 people live year-round on Cape Cod and very few of whom are known to almost everyone; fewer still are admired for their good work; and even fewer than that can claim that their work has tapped into many contrasting fields. That’s what makes my guest today so unique. He’s a writer, an intellectual, and a popular regional columnist. He’s been fisherman, a boat captain, a bar tender, a welder, a blacksmith, and a well-loved professor. He’s also a medical ethicist who works with some of the Cape’s most destitute people.

His name is Dan McCullough. You may have been one of his philosophy students at Cape Cod Community College, where he’s recently retired after teaching for four decades. Or you may follow his life through his columns, which appear every Sunday in the Cape Cod Times. But today I thought we’d talk about his work with Team M25 a Cape Cod  organization that cares for the needs of homeless people who live in camps and in the woods outdoors.