How to Help People Who See Ghosts

Dec 11, 2018

Have you ever had a paranormal experience? A surprising number of people say they have and a Gallup poll conducted not long ago found that roughly thirty percent of those polled believed in ghosts and haunted houses. Here on Cape Cod there are at least fourteen locations that are rumored to be haunted. My wife saw a ghost at the dinner party in an old house off Route Six and I can personally attest to a pair of long lost glasses turning up at the exact moment a holy visionary died…two thousand miles away.

People react very differently to experiences they cannot explain. Some suppress them in order to hold onto their sanity. Others obsess over proving them real. Many accept them with wonder, while still others spend their lives in denial. My guest today sees it as his mission to help people deal with reactions to the paranormal he calls Rabbit Hole Experiences, that is, occurrences that force a person to recognize that the world is not what he or she thought it was.

My guest today is Michael Robartes who leads a paranormal investigation team. He’s the co-author of a new book called The Rabbit Hole Experience: On Sasquatches, Spirits, and the People Who See Them.