Housing and The High Cost of Doing Nothing

Nov 27, 2018

It’s no surprise to any anyone listening that we have a housing problem on Cape Cod. We’ve been talking about it for decades, often with the qualification that combined with the economy, it’s a chicken and egg situation, that is, without year-round jobs people can’t afford to live here and without affordable places to live people can’t work here. But while trying to focus on which problem to attack first, we often fail to attack either. Today we’re going to discuss a recent report that clarifies the issue once and for all, It’s the housing, Stupid.

According to the Housing Assistance Corporation we’re facing a crisis and we’d better act fast because if we do not life as we know it out here is going to seriously deteriorate. Health care, notably for elders, may become almost impossible to obtain. Towns may not be able to hire people to provide services. Traffic, even in the winter months, may clog the roads all week long, and the cost of doing business, for those businesses that actually remain open year-round, will cause prices to sky rocket.

Joining me today to talk about the report: Housing on Cape Cod: The High Cost of Doing Nothing, are David Quinn, and Stefanie Coxe, the co-authors of the report.