BREXIT for Dummies (and Americans)

Aug 08, 2017

On the morning of June 24, 2016, many Britons woke up in same panic that overwhelmed Americans five months later. While we discovered that authoritarian populist Donald Trump had been elected our 45th president, Brits digested the fact that a majority had voted in favor of Brexit and they were on course to withdraw from the European Union.

Although most Americans don’t know much about Brexit, we associate it with the same nativist, protectionist, and anti-immigrant ideas that elected Donald Trump, which for a lot of his supporters included feelings of being screwed by twenty first century capitalism and fed up with facing life in towns full of derelict factories and foreclosed houses.

Some of us see the United States locked in a death spiral bringing down our democracy and our environment, while others actually envision a possible rebirth based on people becoming smarter and more determined to fight back.

My guest today is Helena Kennedy, a British barrister, broadcaster, Labour Member of the House of Lords, and a human rights activist with an enormous resume of accomplishments and appointments. Check out: