Homeless on Cape Cod

shutterstock_135455744By now the dark side of Cape Cod is a cliché. The underbelly of America’s favorite summer resort is rife with drug addiction, unemployment, and the impossible cost of housing. But few issues strike fear in our hearts as much as homelessness and many Cape Codders know full well we could someday be living out of cars behind the Mall, in motels on Route 28 or worse, in the homeless camps in the Hyannis woods. Although we’re told the route to homelessness is found in drugs and alcohol and mental illness, we know it can begin with divorce or losing a job, bankruptcy, eviction, personal injury…or simply a streak of very bad luck. Today’s guest is Greg Bar, the facility director at NOAH, an emergency access shelter for the homeless in Hyannis, who reminds us that his clients could be any one of us.

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