Harvesting Land from the Wind to Stop Beach Erosion, Jan 29 and Feb 2

In the Town of Truro, on Halloween day, 1991, a massive and intense Atlantic hurricane (aka, “The Perfect Storm”) surged over the Ballston Beach barrier dunes to flood the upper Pamet River with seawater. These barrier dunes had protected a fresh water marsh at the headwaters of the only functioning river system on the Outer Cape. While attempts at restoration were made, over wash events continued for 19 years, contaminating the marsh, until a forward-thinking marine ecologist named Gordon Peabody proposed a plan called bio-mimicry, which literally pulled new land out of the air. It was simple, revolutionary, and may prove to be the answer to the problems we’re seeing on beaches all over the world as a result of massive storms brought on by climate change. Learn a lot, listen live on Tuesdays at 12:30 PM / Taped on Saturdays at 5:30 AM / Always streaming on WOMR.ORG.

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