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This Week on The Lowdown, August 21 & 25

Think massive unemployment, families without homes, catastrophic storms, a criminally large divide between rich and poor, huge numbers of angry protestors occupying public spaces, angry radicals committing acts of terror, and a government that seems utterly incapable of dealing with it all are contemporary problems? Not so. My guest the brilliant young historian Thai Jone’s […]

This week on The Lowdown, August 14 & 18

This week we’ll be talking to investigative journalist Chip Berlet about the increase in domestic terrorist violence and the connections that can be made between the Sihk Temple killings outside Milwaukee , the Joplin, MO mosque burning, the shooting of Gabby Giffords, and the overall rise of domestic terror since President Obama’s election in 2009. Whenever I […]

This Week on The Lowdown, August 7 & 11

This week on The Lowdown with Ira Wood: A Community Radio Talk Show on WOMR. Drought conditions in 60% of the US and 3,215 new high temperature marks set in June. What are we supposed to do about climate change? How about get pissed at the entities responsible? In the new film Just Do It: A Tale of […]

This Week on The Lowdown, July 31 and August 4

This week on The Lowdown with Ira Wood: A Community Radio Talk Show on WOMR. If you’re on a Cape Cod beach today or one of our magnificent rivers or salt marshes, it may not be obvious that you’re staring at a serious environmental problem. It seems that no less than 46 of our 57 […]

This Week on The Lowdown July 24 & 28

This week on The Lowdown with Ira Wood: A Community Radio Talk Show on WOMR everything you ever wanted to know about ObamaCare but were too confused to ask. Did you know it was actually Nixon’s plan and that he met secretly with Ted Kennedy to talk about it in a church basement? Did you know the “dastardly” Individual […]