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This week on The Lowdown November 20 and 24

Winter is here and we’re talking books. What are you reading? What are you passionate about? What disappointed you? What changed your life? What ten books are on that pile next to your bed? What do you think is the most hyped book of the year and what fabulous books got no attention at all. […]

This week on The Lowdown November 13 and 17

How often have you heard the cliché that your greatest weakness is your greatest strength; whatever makes you different makes you unique? The story of Barbra Streisand unquestionably proves the point. Totally “election-ed” and “politic-ed out”  this week (exhausted to tell the truth) I followed my inner pop culture junkie to an enthrallingly entertaining new […]

This Week on The Lowdown Nov 6 and 10

The Herring River Restoration is the largest salt marsh reclamation project on the east coat of the United States. Its completion could help the Outer Cape avoid horrendous floods from the next major hurricane. But could the outcome of the Nov 6 election affect its funding? My guests are Tim Smith, a restoration ecologist with the […]

This week on The Lowdown Oct 16 and 20

Continuing the series of candidate profiles in the contentious race for 2 seats on the Barnstable County Board of Commissioners (Sheila Lyons, Wellfleet; Eric Steinhilber, Barnstable; and Mary Pat Flynn, Falmouth) this week’s guest is Ms. Flynn, a 4-term Falmouth selectman. Find out where she stands on a county-wide wastewater authority and  funding to buy […]

This week on The Lowdown, Oct 9 and 13

For the first time in years there’s a hot race for a seat on the Barnstable County Board of Commissioners. Three candidates (Sheila Lyons, Wellfleet, Eric Steinhilber, Barnstable, and Mary Pat Flynn, Falmouth) are vying for two seats. Besides the ever-fascinating sewer authority sh*t storm there are many more issues that can impact life on […]

This week on The Lowdown, Oct 2 and 6

This week’s show is a tough one, to host and to hear, but I do a version of it every October, Domestic Abuse Awareness Month. We’re all painfully aware of battering, a pattern of emotionally and/or physically violent behaviors by one partner against another in an intimate relationship. But there’s an ugly new form of […]

This week on The Lowdown, September 25 and 29

Jeff Zinn is one of the Cape’s most talented theater directors and arguably one of the most influential Cape Cod impresarios of the last two decades. But what do we  really know about him? That he was John Travolta’s stand-in and photo-double on the set of Saturday Night Fever? That it’s his feet we see bopping […]

This week on the Lowdown, Sept 18 & 22

America’s largest export is our trash. Each of us is on track to toss 102 tons of garbage in a lifetime, 7.1 pounds a day, everyday. Our disposable plastic alone outweighs the entire United States Navy. Here on Cape Cod we’ve been in a state of garbage denial, enabled by low-cost contracts with the waste-to-energy […]

This Week on The Lowdown, Sept. 4 & 8

If you’re at the beach today or one of our magnificent rivers or salt marshes, it may not be obvious that you’re staring at a serious environmental problem. It seems that no less than 46 of our 57 coastal embayments here on Cape Cod are suffering from a process called eutrophication, which happens when septic […]

This Week on The Lowdown, August 28 & September 1

Did you know that a well-known Boston production company is making a full-length documentary about WOMR? My guest is award-winning director Alan Chabot whose Parallax Productions  has spent the past year shooting the story of the unique world of the Outer Cape through WOMR’s personalities. Listen live. Learn a lot. Tuesdays at 12:30 PM / Saturdays at […]