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Sharks and Fishers and Ticks

Call me squeamish and behind the times. Call me chicken hearted and anti business, but in a world in which death and disfigurement are commonplace topics on the evening news, I’ve been having a hard time getting used to Cape Cod’s love affair with the Great White Shark, a fast swimming, meat eating apex predator […]

To Pee or Not to Pee

When I was growing up, the holy book in my family was not the bible, but a thin, dog-eared, self-published paperback titled, Where to Go When You Have to Go, a compendium of public toilets in Manhattan. It listed all the obvious places–train stations, libraries, department stores–as well as friendly restaurants and hotels, and also […]

THE AFC Title Game – OCD, The Number One Game Plan

The Patriots are in the American Football Conference finals this Sunday afternoon and if you’re anything like me, you’re starting to get nervous. It doesn’t help that they’re playing at the notorious Mile High stadium, that the refs hate them, that the League wants Payton to win, and that Denver’s defensive secondary has proudly announced […]

A Matter of Opinion – New Uses for an Old Nuclear Power Plant

With all the rumors about the possible closing of the Pilgrim Nuclear Power Station, I’m starting to worry about Entergy, it’s parent company, how about you? Say what you will about Pilgrim, that its low-dose radioactive emissions cause cancer, that it’s poisoning marine life, that its three thousand spent fuel rod bundles are vulnerable to […]

A Matter of Opinion – Should There Be a Stupidity Tax?

I saw an article in NY Times not long ago that broached the idea of something I’ve been thinking about for a long time. Should we  tax people for being stupid. The word ‘stupid’ wasn’t used by the Times but it’s a lot kinder than the words I scream at the 6 o’clock news when some nitwit decides to go […]