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On The Lowdown – Observing the 3rd Anniversary of Fukushima and How the NRC Continues to Play Russian Roulette with Our Lives – March 11 and 15

This week we’re observing the 3rd anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear disaster…which investigators concluded was ‘man-made’ because the government and the power company failed to assess the probability of an earthquake in a historically notorious earthquake zone, failed to prepare for collateral damage, and failed to develop evacuation plans. My guest is Susan Q. Stranahan, […]

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On the Lowdown – The Affordable Care Acts Hits Massachusetts…with a thud – February 25 and March 1

Many residents of Massachusetts may have been following the national uproar over President Obama’s Affordable Care Act with some degree of detachment. After all, we’ve had near-universal health insurance coverage in this state since 2006. Almost all of us know a previously uninsured family, or a neighbor, who was skeptical about being forced to get […]

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