Ira WoodIra Wood is an author, a teacher, a former publisher, and the host of a weekly radio program called The Lowdown on WOMR-FM, Cape Cod’s Community Radio Station, a Pacifica affiliate with studios in Provincetown, Massachusetts. You’re Married to HER? his new book of autobiographical essays was released in August, 2012.

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On the Lowdown – Reporter Greg Obrien embedded in the brain of an Alzheimer’s victim – Aug 5 and 9

Alzheimer’s is a disease that progressively shuts down the functions of the brain. It begins with the loss of short-term memory, attacks language and thinking skills, impairs mobility and finally destroys life functions like swallowing and breathing. As medical science makes gains in the fight against other diseases, Alzheimers cannot be prevented, cured, or slowed. […]

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