Ira WoodIra Wood is the host of The Lowdown, a radio talk show on WOMR-FM, Cape Cod’s Pacifica Network affiliate located in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Having had a career in writing, teaching, and publishing, his interviews are known for extensive research and cover politics, books, and social trends, as well as local and national issues.

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The Lowdown

The History of Psychedelics

For many people today, the mere mention of psychedelic drugs brings to mind a clichéd backdrop of naked hippies, tie-dyed t-shirts, graffiti-painted school buses, R. Crumb comics, kaleidoscopic posters, and outdoor concerts featuring musicians such as the Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and above all The Grateful Dead. All of that is perfectly accurate, of […]

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Matter of Opinion

Sharks and Fishers and Ticks

Call me squeamish and behind the times. Call me chicken hearted and anti business, but in a world in which death and disfigurement are commonplace topics on the evening news, I’ve been having a hard time getting used to Cape Cod’s love affair with the Great White Shark, a fast swimming, meat eating apex predator […]

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