Ira WoodIra Wood is the host of The Lowdown, a radio talk show on WOMR-FM, Cape Cod’s Pacifica Network affiliate located in Provincetown, Massachusetts. Having had a career in writing, teaching, and publishing, his interviews are known for extensive research and cover politics, books, and social trends, as well as local and national issues.

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The Lowdown

Pagan Kennedy on Inventology

I wonder if you’ve ever invented anything? My guess is that you have. That at some point you were faced with an arduous task and you said to yourself: There’s got to be a better way to do this, and after awhile you rigged up some contraption that did just that. I’m sure you don’t […]

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Matter of Opinion

To Pee or Not to Pee

When I was growing up, the holy book in my family was not the bible, but a thin, dog-eared, self-published paperback titled, Where to Go When You Have to Go, a compendium of public toilets in Manhattan. It listed all the obvious places–train stations, libraries, department stores–as well as friendly restaurants and hotels, and also […]

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